AAG1 Veld sterkte meter 1 MHz to 8 GHz externe antenne 
rFixed internal antennas requiring no adjusting.
rDetects bugs and hidden camera.
rIdentifies hot and cold spots.
rDiscovers hacker-site locations.
rDirectional signals measurement.
rFor wireless - security installations.
rLocates cable leaks and connector problems.
rFor use at 5,8, 5,2, 3,5, 2,4, 1,2, and 0.9 Ghz.
rMeasures weak signal levels 5,8 and 2,4 Ghz signals measured at 30+ feet.
rA 1 MHz to 8 GHz bandwidth.
rA switched external Coaxial SMA antenna connector for special antennas or frequency-defining filters.
rA directional Log Periodic antenna for 3X enhanced high frequency detection.
rDifferentiation between Digital and Analog signals.
The AAG1 is a radio frequency field strength tester with the ability to detect very weak signals (down to ambient levels of radiation that exist around us. The ambient radiation level is usually due to local FM and TV broadcasts.) The AAG1 detects signals spanning the microwave, UHF, VHF and high frequency spectrum, covering a 1 MHz to 8+ GHz bandwidth. This includes 5.8, 5.2, 4.5, 3.5, 2.4 and 1.2 GHz covert cameras and bugs, 2.4, 1.8, and 0.9 GHz cell phones and wireless phones; 300-400 MHz walkie-talkies, car keys and garage door openers; 70-150 MHz FM transmission; 49 MHz bugs and even 27 MHz citizen-band transmissions. Detection at 2.4 GHz is so sensitive, it will detect an operating “sealed” microwave oven at 12 meters away and pick-up 2.4 GHz transmitting bugs at 8 meters distance.
Sensitivity:45 uV (~-75 dBm) at 2.4 GHz
Bandwidth:1 MHz to 8 GHz
Antenna inputs:Manual/electronic switching
Internal fixed antenna:2
External antenna input:50 ohm impedance, DC isolated
Switch:For internal antennas
Adjustable sensitivity control:20 dB variable attenuator
3 Detection modes:Linear – displaying 12 dB of the weakest signals.- For detecting weak signals.
 LOG – displaying 60 dB of signal strengths.- For pinpointing signal sources.
 MID – intermediate sensitivity and dynamic range.- For moderate signal readings.
2 Display Modes:Analog meter and colored LED’s (which are readable from a distance and at nighttime
Modulated mechanical vibration:ON/OFF
Log Periodic Antenna:1.8 – 6.4 GHz
Weight:Less than 150 g. with batteries installed
Dimensions:5.6 cm wide x 13 cm high x 3.1 cm thick
Power supply:2 AA alkaline batteries
Goedkeuring:CE, RoHS en WEEE
lAAG1 Radio frequent veld sterkte meter
l1.8-6.4 GHz Log Periodic antenna